Course Outlines

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Graphics & Photos
Web Layout

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Muse

Adobe Animate


Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) with InDesign

Apple iBooks Author

ePubs with InDesign

Interactive PDFs


If desired, IDEAS can modify any on-site class, custom classroom and on-line training, or one-on-one instruction. Feel free to mix-and-match topics from different level outlines if it meets your needs better—or even mix-and-match different programs. (Custom training is restricted to a single company.)

FileMaker Pro: Advanced

Solution Logic: Calculations

Mobile Functions
Container Functions
Aggregate Functions
Custom Functions

Solution Logic: Scripting

Conditional Scripting
Scripting Tools
Script Triggers
Custom Menus
Using Scripts to Find Data
Window Management
Looping Techniques
Scripting for Mobile Users

Exporting Data

To Tab-Delimited Text
To Excel
Sending Records as Email
Creating PDFs
Data Repair


FileMaker Pro Connectivity Options
Integrating with Web Services
Working ODBC


Deployment Options
Introduction to Using FileMaker Server
Deploying Using FileMaker WebDirect