Course Outlines

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Graphics & Photos
Web Layout

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Muse

Adobe Animate


Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) with InDesign

Apple iBooks Author

ePubs with InDesign

Interactive PDFs


If desired, IDEAS can modify any on-site class, custom classroom and on-line training, or one-on-one instruction. Feel free to mix-and-match topics from different level outlines if it meets your needs better—or even mix-and-match different programs. (Custom training is restricted to a single company.)

Advanced FrameMaker


Advanced Layout Issues

  1. Working with Object Properties
  2. Object manipulation
    1. Rotation
    2. Scaling
    3. Aligning
    4. Distribution
    5. Stacking Order
    6. Flip/Flop
  3. Rotating Pages
  4. Adding Disconnected Pages
  5. Multiple Text Flows
  6. Adding Paragraph Rules & Graphics
  7. Importing Formats
    1. Import options

Graphic Tools

  1. Drawing lines and rectangles
  2. Aligning and distributing objects
  3. Grouping/Ungrouping objects


  1. Best Graphic Formats to use
  2. Importing graphics
    1. Anchored vs.
    2. Non-Anchored Graphics
  3. Cropping graphics
  4. Resizing graphics
  5. Positioning Graphics on page
  6. Copying graphics
  7. Image run-around (non-anchored graphics)

Anchored Frames and Graphics

  1. Creating anchored frames
    1. Importing a graphics
    2. Placing text in frame
  2. Positioning Anchoring Frames
    1. in text flow

Importing Rich-Media Objects

  1. Flash, movies, 3D

Cross-References (CR)

  1. Definition of cross-references
    1. Types of CRs
  2. Inserting a CR
    1. Internally
    2. Externally
  3. Fixing Unresolved CRs


  1. Inserting Variable in text
  2. Creating custom Variables


  1. Creating a book file
  2. Adding documents to the book
    1. Books within books
    2. Folders
  3. Opening/closing files from book window
  4. Applying page
    1. numbering and pagination
  5. Printing and exporting books

Generated Lists

  1. Types of Lists
    1. Table of Contents (TOC)
    2. List of Figures (LOF)
    3. List of Tables (LOT)
  2. Editing the TOC/LOF/LOT layouts
    1. Using a default layout
    2. Using pre-designed template
  3. Adding a title to the TOC
  4. Formatting the entries
    1. References Pages
    2. Paragraph Styles
  5. Updating the TOC


  1. Types of Indices
    1. Markers, Authors, Subjects
  2. Applying Index markers
  3. Creating a generated Index
    1. Using a default layout
    2. Using pre-designed template
  4. Editing the Index layout
  5. Editing entries
  6. Updating the Index

Conditional Text (CT)

  1. Definition of CT
  2. Using CT to view different layouts
  3. Apply CT rules to text and graphics


  1. Applying Hypertext markers


  1. PDF
    1. PDF review cycle with Acrobat
    2. Import PDF Comments
  2. EPUB
  3. HTML5
  4. Other (as required)