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If desired, IDEAS can modify any on-site class, custom classroom and on-line training, or one-on-one instruction. Feel free to mix-and-match topics from different level outlines if it meets your needs better—or even mix-and-match different programs. (Custom training is restricted to a single company.)

Adobe Presenter Outline

(works as a Powerpoint plug-in)

Black Text= 2-day Intro Class Topics

  1. Planning your project
    1. General Steps
      1. Writing/Script
      2. Storyboards
      3. Gather/Create Art
      4. Record and Produce
        1. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
      5. Audio
      6. Edit (and re-edit)
      7. Produce
  2. Recording software simulation
    1. Screen size issues
      1. Panning
      2. Application
    2. Audio issues
  3. Working with Images
    1. Inserting Characters
    2. Inserting Scenes
  4. Audio
    1. Types
      1. Background
      2. Slide
      3. Object
    2. Recording Audio
    3. Microphone choice/calibration
    4. During screen recording
    5. Recording directly Captivate
    6. Import Narration files
      1. Adjusting per slide
    7. Editing Audio Files
      1. Cutting
      2. Silence
    8. Slide Notes panel
      1. Notes
      2. Text to Speech
      3. Closed Captioning
  5. Quizes
    1. Quiz Preferences
      1. Quiz Pass/Fail results
      2. Reporting options
        1. LMS
        3. Email
    2. Inserting Quiz slides
    3. Types of questions
    4. Using Quiz Templates
    5. Formatting Quiz Slides
      1. Master Slides
      2. Text Formats
    6. HTML5 Issues
    7. Question Groups
      1. Creating
      2. Adding Random Questions
  6. Video
    1. Video Formats
    2. Insert FLV/F4V vs MP4
      1. Differences
  7. Interactions
  8. Publishing Projects
    1. Slide Quality
    2. Publish Themes