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Graphics & Photos
Web Layout

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Muse

Adobe Animate


Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) with InDesign

Apple iBooks Author

ePubs with InDesign

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If desired, IDEAS can modify any on-site class, custom classroom and on-line training, or one-on-one instruction. Feel free to mix-and-match topics from different level outlines if it meets your needs better—or even mix-and-match different programs. (Custom training is restricted to a single company.)

Adobe SpeedGrade

An Overview Of SpeedGrade

Grading in SpeedGrade
The SpeedGrade Workflow
The SpeedGrade Interface
Getting Around Your Project

SpeedGrade Workflows

Importing Media
Moving Projects Into SpeedGrade
Using Scene Change Detection

Primary Corrections

Using Undo and Redo
Using the Primary Controls
Adjusting Contrast
Adjusting Color
Making Detailed Adjustments
Using a Control Surface

Mask Corrections

Using Masks
Tracking Masks

Secondary Layers

Adding a Secondary Layer
Single-Component Keys
Inside/Outside Adjustments
Limiting Secondaries
Legalizing Problem Colors

Scene Balancing

Managing Grades
Balancing a Scene
Working with Grade Tracks
Using Annotations

Keyframing and Pan & Scan

Keyframing Grades
Keyframing a Mask
Using Pan & Scan Controls

Creative Techniques

Using Custom Look Layers
Creating Stylistic Looks
Utility Look Layers
Adding a Look to All Clips

Stereographic Workflows

Creating a Stereo Project
Monitoring Stereo Timelines
Matching the Left- and Right-Eye Media
Controlling Convergence
Grading Stereo Projects

Rendering and Export

Rendering Graded Media
Setting Output Options
Exporting an EDL