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David Creamer, instructor


David Creamer, Instructor

It surprises us how many people are only interested in when a class is running or how much it costs — but never think to ask about the background or qualifications of the trainer. We are very proud that 99% of our clients call us back again when they need additional training.

Creamer learned about design and production before computers took over, so he brings to the classes a background not found in many training companies. Learning about publishing, whether for print, web, or video, is more than just learning a software program; it is learning the principles behind the process.

With over 30 years of publishing experience, over 18 years of web experience, over 12 years of video experience, and over 20 years of successful training history, IDEAS can bring a wealth of knowledge to your desktop that cannot be duplicated by other training companies.

Even if you never operated a computer or never used publishing software before, IDEAS can help you get “up and running” in less time than other classroom training programs.

Published Articles written by Creamer

  • Photoshop User magazine
    Regular columnist and reviewer Layers Magazine (formally Mac Design magazine)
    Monthly contributing writer since 1999
    (features, columns, reviews, tips & tricks)
  • Technique magazine
    Jul./Aug. 1994 -- Creating an In-House Catalog Booklet
  • Desktop Publishers Journal (formally NADTP Journal):
    Aug. 1994 -- Electronic Design vs. Traditional Design
    Feb. 1994 -- Looking for Mr. Good Bureau
    (How to find and select a service bureau).
    Aug. 1993 -- Professional Pages: High-End Publishing Software
  • May 1993 -- DTP in the Year 2000
    Oct. 1992 -- Image Editing Software
  • Florida Magazine Association Newsletter
    Jan./Feb. 1994 -- Choosing a Service Bureau
    May/Jun. 1993 -- Mac/DOS File Transfer
    Jan./Feb. 1993 -- Using Color on Your Desktop
    1990 -- Changing Job Duties
    Sep. 1989 -- Shopping for an In-House Desktop System
  • Computer News International magazine
    June 1992 -- High-End Linkups
    Feb. 1992 -- Database Publishing
    Oct./Nov. 1991 -- The Help File: DTP Tips From The Pros
    Mar./Apr. and May/June 1991 -- Desktop Color
    Utilized by Apple Computer S.A. and University of Miami
    Dec. 1990 -- QuarkXPress 3.0 in-depth
  • Folio: magazine
    June 1988 -- Approached by Folio: to write article about current usage of DTP.

Published interviews with Creamer

  • Folio: Digital Publishing Special Section, Mac vs. PC: A Frontline Report, Apr. 1998
  • National Association of Desktop Publishers Journal, Aug. 1992
  • Folio: magazine article about Creamer for ground-breaking design and production strategies
    Sep. 1987 and Oct. 1989
  • Contemporary Graphic Artists (industry reference book set), 1988
  • Graphic Arts Monthly article about Creamer for early electronic production usage, Sep. 1987

Seminars and Such...

If your organization would like IDEAS to share the knowledge at your next event, please contact us.
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services—Building Business conference 2018
    San Diego, CA
  • Digital Artistry Workshops—Pre Adobe MAX Event 2016
    San Diego, CA
  • InDesignSecrets PePCon 2016
    San Diego, CA
  • IDEAS presents a number of free seminars in conjuction with
    Apple and local Macintosh computer dealers.
  • InDesignSecrets Print & ePublishing Conference 2010 (1st PePCon)
    Seattle, WA
  • Color Reflections
    Las Vegas, NV
    Benefits of PDF/X
  • Signs By Tomorrow
    Speaker at annual conference
  • Palomar College
    San Marcos, CA
    Instructor for a number of graphic design classes
  • University of New Mexico Continuing Education
    Instructor for a number of graphic design classes, including Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, QuarkXPress, FreeHand, FireWorks, and Computer Graphics Fundamentals.
    (IDEAS also maintained UNMCE"s Macintosh systems.)
  • Santa Fe Community College
    Selected to teach the school"s Prepress class
    (declined due to schedule conflict).
  • Professional Digital Imaging Workflow
    for Apple Computer, Dec. 2000
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat Seminars
    At the request of Adobe, IDEAS presented a tutorial to apx. 1000 members of SW Florida user groups over 4 nights, Jan. 2000
  • Visual Edge
    National Press Photographers Association Conference
    (Multiple seminars with Quark and InDesign), Aug. 1999
  • Florida Magazine Association --
    Spring 1996 Workshops
    Fall 1993 Workshops (IDEAS headed all DTP seminars
    Spring and Fall 1992 Workshops (separate seminars)
  • MacToday/MacDesign (QuarkXPress seminar), Mar. 1995
  • Dots Incredible "Preparing Files for Output," Jan. 1995
  • From Chaos-to-Color
    (Covering Quark, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand),
    Sep. 1994
  • Publish! Magazine Desktop Color Conference
    (three publishing seminars), Mar. 1993
  • Vocational and Technical Institute Instructor (Post-Secondary)
    Broward, FL, 1993-1998
  • Connections "91--Training in the "90s, Miami, 1991
  • MicroAge DTP to Electronic Production Seminars, 1990
  • CEPS (Corporate Electronic Publishing Systems),
    Boston, 1987
  • Corporate Data Processing Forum, NYC, 1986
  • New Jersey Educational Newspaper Association, 1986

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