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FileMaker Pro: Introduction

FileMaker Platform Overview

FileMaker Product Line
FileMaker Version Compatibility
Accessing a Solution

Understanding a Database

Fields vs. Records vs. Tables
Database information vs. Spreadsheet information

Using Starter Solutions

Choose a Starter Solution
Quick Mobile Development

Viewing and Working with Data

Modes Within Layouts
Views Within Layouts
Records: Adding, Deleting, and Duplicating
Working With Data

Finding and Sorting Records

Specifying Search Criteria
Extending and Constraining a Found Set
Using Operators in Search Criteria
Sorting Records

User-Centered Design

What is User-Centered Design?
Basic Principles

User Interface Best Practices

User Interface Best Practices

Creating Fields and Tables

Create New Tables
Field Types
Create New Fields from the Field Picker
Create New Fields from the Manage Database Dialog


Creating Layouts
Adding Fields to a Layout
Layout Themes and Styles
Creating More Layouts

Layout Design Tools

Status Toolbar and Inspector
Layout Resizing
Guides and Grids
Using Layout Design Tools


Basic Reports

Formatting Field Objects

Data Formatting
Conditional Formatting
Field Control Styles
Value Lists

Calculations (Intro)

Creating Calculations
Functions and Operators

Security (Intro)

Creating Accounts and Granting Access
Setting Up Privilege Sets