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Adobe Acrobat Pro Classes

Adobe Acrobat Pro for Business Users

This 2-day class is for users that need to learn the major features in a business environment. (See separate class on forms.)

Click here to see Acrobat Pro Forms outline

To create advanced PDF forms directly, please look at Adobe Experience Manager/LiveCycle Designer.

  • Intro to Acrobat and the work area
    • Adding tools and quick-access shortcuts
  • Methods for Creating PDFs
    • Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office programs
    • Combining PDFs; Spliting PDFs
  • PDFs adjustments
    • Setting Initial view and metadata in PDF
    • Print options
    • Rotating pages
  • Navigation Options
    • Bookmarks
    • Links
    • Buttons
  • Export options
  • Sharing documents
    • Adobe Document Cloud
    • OneDrive
    • Dropbox
  • Reviewing PDFs with comment tools
    • Sending PDFs for review
    • PDF Tracker
  • PDF Security with passwords and digital signatures
  • Editing PDFs
    • Editing and Adding Text
    • Editing Graphics
    • Adding watermarks
    • Adding headers/footers
  • Acrobat Legal features
    • Redactions
    • Bates Numbering
  • Converting scans to PDF and using OCR

Adobe Acrobat Pro Advanced issues

This 2-day class can be customized to cover particular topics as needed.

  • Understanding Distiller options
  • Batch Processing
  • PDF Optimizer
  • Creating Interactive Documents
    • Note: Assumes knowledge of creating proper video and audio formats
  • Preferences in detail
  • Creating Articles
  • Using the Measurement Tools
  • Examine Documents
  • Indexing PDFs and creating Catalogs
  • PDF Security: Working with trusted identities

Adobe Acrobat Pro 508 Accessibility

  • Understanding 508 requirements for PDFs
  • Creating accessibile Microsoft Word documents
    • Using Paragraph and Character styles
    • Adding accessible text to graphics
    • Running the Accessibility Checker
  • Creating accessible InDesign documents
    • Using the Articles panel
    • Creating Anchored Graphics
    • Adding accessible text and descriptions to graphics
    • Mapping Paragraph Styles
    • Creating Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
    • File Info
  • Fixing PDF accessibility in Acrobat
  • Accessibility Tools
    • Accessiblity Check
    • Adding Alternate text to graphics
  • Document Properties
    • Metadata
    • Document Title
    • Language
    • Security
  • Pages Panel
    • Using Document Structure
  • Order Panel
    • TURO tool
  • Tags Panel
    • Changing tags
    • Fixing Tables
  • Table Properties
  • Adding accessibility to Forms
    • Tool Tips
    • Field Name
    • Tab Order
    • Labels

Adobe Acrobat Pro for Graphic Designers

This 2-day class covers the tools needed by graphic designers and prepress operators.
Included are the Print Production tools:

  • Output Preview
  • Convert Colors
  • Ink Manager
  • Print Marks
  • Crop Pages
  • Flattener Preivew
  • Fix Hairlines
  • Preflight
  • Object Inspector

Other topics covered include:

  • Color Management
  • Advanced Distiller options
  • PDF/X formats
  • Methods to edit text and graphics in Acrobat