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Adobe Premiere Pro

Core Essentials - 3 Days

(with options for 1 or 2 additional days)

Note: Adobe requires a much more stringent instructor requirement for Premiere Pro. David Creamer is fully certified.
When comparing trainers, please make sure the instructor is fully certified by Adobe.

1: Touring Adobe Premiere Pro

2: Setting Up a Project

3: Importing Media

4: Essentials of Video Editing

5: Organizing Media

6: Working with Clips and Markers

7: Adding Transitions

8: Advanced Editing Techniques

9: Putting Clips in Motion

10: Multi-Camera Editing

11: Editing and Mixing Audio

12: Sweetening Sound

13: Adding Video Effects

14: Color Correction and Grading

15: Exploring Compositing Techniques

16: Managing Your Projects

17: Creating Titles

18: Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

19: Add Day Four for coverage of:

  • Encore (for DVD and Blu-Ray titles discs)
  • Audition (sound editing) Add Day Five for coverage of:
  • Photoshop (as related to video)
  • After Effects Intro
  • Accelerated Premiere Pro for Advanced Users

Custom Class: Color Correction (Full Day)

  • Understanding the color correction workflow
    • Luminance vs. Color
    • Premiere vs. After Effects vs. SpeedGrade
  • Lumetri Color Workspace
  • Using Scopes
    • Waveform
    • Vectorscope
    • RGB Parade
  • Color correction tools
    • Lumetri
    • 3-Way Color Corrector
      • Secondary Color Correction
    • Fast Color Corrector
    • RGB and Luma Curves
  • Color correction techniques
    • Master Clip
    • Timeline Clip
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Using Masks
    • Using LUTs

Custom Class: The Adobe Creative Cloud Video Workflow (Full Day)

  • Using Adobe Prelude
  • Using Adobe Bridge for metadata templates
  • Using Dynamic Link with Premiere and After Effects
  • Using Premiere and Audition for audio editing
  • Using Photoshop and Illustrator with Premiere
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder
  • About Adobe mobile apps
    • Adobe Premiere Clip
    • Adobe Capture CC
  • Using the Creative Cloud vs Adobe Anywhere for collaboration
We also do custom classes for existing Premiere Pro users to teach them tips-and-tricks and fill-in-the-gap training. Also, we can do accelerated classes for existing Final Cut Pro and Avid users switching to Premiere.