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Microsoft Project

Introduction (2 days)

Tour of Project

Introducing Project

Managing Files and Setting Options

Using Templates

Ribbon and Tabs

Working with Schedule Details

Creating a Task List

Creating a New Project Plan

Entering Task Names

Entering Durations

Task Durations?

Entering a Milestone

Organizing Tasks into Phases

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning

Linking Tasks

Switching Task Scheduling from Manual to Automatic

Setting Nonworking Days

Checking the Plan’s Duration

Documenting Tasks and the Project Plan

Setting Up Resources

Setting Up Work Resources

Equipment Resource Considerations

Entering Resource Capacity

Entering Resource Pay Rates

Adjusting Working Time for Individual Resources

Setting Up Cost Resources

Documenting Resources

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Assigning Work Resources to Tasks

Scheduling: Duration, Units, and Work

Controlling Work When Adding or Removing Resource Assignments

Assigning Cost Resources to Tasks

Formatting and Sharing Your Plan

Customizing the Gantt Chart View

Customizing the Timeline View

Pan and Zoom the Gantt Chart View from the Timeline View

Drawing on a Gantt Chart

Copying Views

Printing Views

Customizing and Printing Reports

Tracking Progress on Tasks

Saving a Project Baseline

Tracking a Project as Scheduled

Entering a Task’s Completion Percentage

Entering Actual Values for Tasks

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced (2 Days)

Fine-Tuning Task Details

Adjusting Task Relationships

Setting Task Constraints

Interrupting Work on a Task

Adjusting Working Time for Individual Tasks

Changing Task Types

Assignment Units, Peak, Peak Units, and the Scheduling Formula

Task Types and Effort-Driven Scheduling

Entering Deadline Dates

Entering Fixed Costs

Setting Up a Recurring Task

Viewing the Project’s Critical Path

Scheduling Summary Tasks Manually

Inactivating Tasks

Fine-Tuning Resource Details

Setting Up Resource Availability

to Apply at Different Times

Entering Multiple Pay Rates for a Resource

Setting Up Pay Rates to Apply at Different Times

Setting Up Material Resources

Fine-Tuning Assignment Details

Delaying the Start of Assignments

Applying Contours to Assignments

Applying Different Cost Rates to Assignments

Assigning Material Resources to Tasks

Variable Consumption Rates for Material Resources

Viewing Resource Capacity

Adjusting Assignments in the Team Planner View

Fine-Tuning the Project Plan

Examining Resource Allocations over Time

Project Management Focus: Evaluating Resource Allocation

Resolving Resource Overallocations Manually

Leveling Overallocated Resources

Checking the Project’s Cost and Finish Date

Organizing Project Details

Sorting Project Details

Grouping Project Details

Filtering Project Details

Customizing Tables

Create Custom Fields Quickly

Customizing Views

Tracking Progress on Tasks and Assignments

Updating a Baseline

Saving Interim Plans

Tracking Actual and Remaining Values for Tasks and Assignments

Entering Actual Costs Manually

Tracking Timephased Actual Work for Tasks and Assignments

Project Management Focus: Collecting Actuals from Resources

Rescheduling Incomplete Work

Viewing and Reporting Project Status

Identifying Tasks that Have Slipped

Project Management Focus: Is Variance Ever a Good Thing?

Project Management Focus: Getting the Word Out

Examining Task Costs

Examining Resource Costs

Reporting Project Cost Variance with a Stoplight View

Getting Your Project Back on Track

Troubleshooting Time and Schedule Problems

Reduce Task Durations by Assigning Resource Overtime Hours

Troubleshooting Cost and Resource Problems

Troubleshooting Scope-of-Work Problems

Special Subjects

Applying Advanced Formatting and Printing

Formatting a Gantt Chart View

Formatting a Timeline View

Formatting a Network Diagram View

Formatting a Calendar View

Printing Views: Advanced Options

Printing Reports: Advanced Options

Customizing Project

Sharing Custom Elements Between Project Plans

Recording Macros

Editing Macros

Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

Sharing Project Information with Other Programs

Copying Project Data to Other Programs

Opening Other File Formats in Project

Saving to Other File Formats from Project

Working with File Formats from Previous Versions of Project

Generating Visual Reports with Excel and Visio

Consolidating Projects and Resources

Creating a Resource Pool

Creating a Dedicated Resource Pool

Viewing Assignment Details in a Resource Pool

Updating Assignments in a Sharer Plan

Updating a Resource’s Information in a Resource Pool

Updating All Plans’ Working Times in a Resource Pool

Linking New Project Plans to a Resource Pool

Opening a Sharer Plan and Updating a Resource Pool

Consolidating Project Plans

Creating Dependencies Between Projects