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Adobe Audition

Basic Editing

Selecting a Region for Editing
Cutting and Pasting with Multiple Clipboards
Extending and Shortening Musical Selections
Simultaneous Mixing and Pasting
Repeating Part of a Waveform to Create a Loop
Showing Waveform Data Under the Cursor
Fading Regions to Reduce Artifacts

Signal Processing

Effects Basics
Using the Effects Rack
Amplitude and Compression Effects
Delay and Echo Effects
Filter and EQ Effects
Modulation Effects
Noise Reduction/Restoration
Reverb Effects
Special Effects
Stereo Imagery Effects
Time and Pitch Effect
Third-Party Effects (VST and AU)
Using the Effects Menu
Managing Presets

Audio Restoration

Understanding Audio Restoration
Reducing Hiss
Reducing Crackles
Reducing Pops and Clicks
Reducing Broadband Noise
De-Humming a File
Removing Artifacts
Manual Artifact Removal
Alternate Click Removal
Sound Removal


Mastering Basics

Step 1: Equalization
Step 2: Dynamics
Step 3: Ambience
Step 4: Stereo Imaging
Step 5: “Push” the Drum Hits; Then Apply the Changes

Mastering Diagnostics

Sound Design

About Sound Design
Creating Sounds
Extracting Frequency Bands

Creating and Recording Files

Recording Into the Waveform Editor
Recording Into the Multitrack Editor
Checking Remaining Free Space
Drag-and-Dropping Into an Audition Editor
Importing Tracks As Individual Files From an Audio Cd
Importing Tracks As a Single File From an Audio Cd
Saving a Template

Multitrack Editor Orientation

About Multitrack Production
Multitrack and Waveform Editor Integration
Changing Track Colors
Loop Selections for Playback
Track Controls
Channel Mapping in the Multitrack Editor
Side-Chaining Effects
The Multitrack Mixer View
Mixer View Basics

Editing Clips

Creating a DJ-Style Continuous Music Mix (Mixtape) with Crossfading
Mixing or Exporting a Collection of Clips As a Single File
Selecting and Merging All Clips in a Track Into a
Single File
Editing for Length
Clip Edits: Split, Trim, Volume
Extending a Clip via Looping

Creating Music with Sound Libraries

About Sound Libraries
Getting Started
Building a Rhythm Track
Adding Percussion
Adding Melodic Elements
Using Loops with Different Pitch and Tempo
Adding Effects

Recording in the Multitrack Editor

Getting Ready to Record a Track
Setting Up the Metronome
Recording a Part in a Track
Recording an Additional Part (Overdub)
“Punching” Over a Mistake
Composite Recording


About Automation
Clip Automation
Track Automation


About Mixing
Testing Your Acoustics
The Mixing Process
Exporting a Stereo Mix of the Song
Burning an Audio Cd of the Song
Exporting to SoundCloud