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Adobe Illustrator



Vector art vs. Bitmap art

Overview of Illustrator

Object Stroke Fill Text
Keyboard Shortcuts Modifier Keys
Setting Preferences

The Illustrator Work Space Overview

Work area Control Palette Work Page Pasteboard(s) Rulers
Pop-Up Menus Scroll Bars
Tabbed Documents Application Window
Basic Palettes Tools Navigator Color
Stroke Layers Swatches
Palette Usage Collapsing Palettes
Joining/Separating Palettes Docking Palettes
Palette Options Workspaces
Saving & Editing

New Documents

Creating a New Document CMYK vs. RGB
Changing Page Size Setting the Units File Management
Save vs. Save As Standard File Formats
AI, PDF, EPS, Template

View options (1)

Hand Tool Tool palette
Changing Magnification Menu selections

The Tool Box and Basic Drawing Tools

Selection Tools (A.K.A. Arrows) Basic Text Tools
Basic Shapes Rectangle tool Ellipse tool Special Shapes
Keyboard shortcuts Pencil Tools
Line Tool

Color (using only Color palette)

Color Modes
Process (CMYK), RGB, HSB, Web RGB
Creating/Applying Colors Basic Fills
Basic Strokes Editing Colors


When to use Group/Ungroup Creating Groups within Groups
Selecting Groups within Groups with Isolation Mode

Using Rulers and Guides

Rulers Showing/Hiding Changing Units
Guides Adding/Deleting Locking Guides Snap To Guides

Using Grids

Showing/Hiding Edit Grid Size Snap to Grid

Pen tool techniques

Pen Tools
Drawing lines and curves Editing paths
Simplifying Paths Cutting Paths & Shapes
Knife Tool Scissor Tool

View options (2)

Hand Tool Tool palette
Keyboard command Changing Magnification
Menu selections Magnifying tool Keyboard commands Pop-Up Menu
View Modes Preview Mode Wire-Frame Mode

Stroke Options

Applying a Basic Stroke To shape
To line
Editing Stroke Width

Color (using Swatch palette)

Color Palette vs. Swatch Palette Creating New Swatch Colors
Using Swatch Libraries Creating new swatches
Color Types
Process (CMYK), Spot vs. Color Modes
Editing Colors Creating/Using Tints
Applying Colors with Swatch palette Basic Fills
Basic Strokes

Type (1)

Entering “Point” Type
Working with (single) Text Blocks Basic Character Specification Basic Paragraph Specification Editing Text
Proper Text Selection Spell Check
Find & Change (Search & Replace) Case Change

Stacking Order and Layers (1)

Stacking Order
Arrange menu
Paste in Front/Behind Layers vs. Stacking order Layer Panel
Creating Layers Viewing Layers Locking Layers Duplicating Layers Deleting Layers Reordering Layers
Moving Objects between Layers

Duplicating Objects

Copy &...
Paste in Front/Behind Option-Drag duplication Layer duplication Multiple Duplications
Transform Again


New Documents

Creating a New Document Basic CMYK vs. Print Web and Video sizes
Creating multiple artboards

Adobe Bridge

Using Bridge (File>Browse menu) Managing Illustrator files


Using In-Panel editing Attributes Transparency /Gradient Layers/Actions/Links
Transform/Align/Pathfinder Styles/Swatches/Brushes

Tools (2)

Eraser tool Blob Brush tool
Using Brushes (Stroke only) Applying to paths
Using Brush tool Creating new brushes Using Brush Libraries

Guides (2)

Converting Objects to Guides Using Smart Guides


Join Average
Outline Stroke Offset Path
Creating Dash Patterns


Gradients Creating Editing
With Palette On Artboard
Turning off On-Artboard setting Global Updates
Using Spot Colors in gradients Creating Color Groups

Type (2)

Advanced Character Specification Advanced Paragraph Specification Paragraph & Character Styles
Creating Applying Updating
Glyph palette Smart Punctuation


Aligning To Page Selecting Key Object


Rotate, Scale, Skew, and Reflect options: Via ToolBox
Via Transform Menu Via Transform Palette
Via the Transform Handles
Transform Each/Again menu & keyboard command

Importing Graphics

Linking vs. Embedding Photoshop Layer options
Link panel

Masking & Cropping

Clipping Mask menu Editing clipping mask Editing contents
Clipping Mask Layer Crop Area menu Compound Path menu Pathfinder palette
Combine Crop

Type as a Graphic

Type in shapes (Area type) Type on a Path
Type-on-a-Path options Convert to Paths

Filters vs. Effects

Using Filters (CS3 or earlier) Using Effects
Effects menu effects Appearance palette
Adding Multiple Strokes Adding Multiple Fills Editing Effects
Styles palette Creating Libraries Applying
Updating Globally

Pathfinder Basics

Using different Pathfinder commands

Live Paint

Creating Live Paint groups Selecting/Coloring LP
Fills Strokes
Editing LP groups Editing objects
Adding shapes to LP Groups

Layers (2)

Non-Printing Layers Layer guide color Merging Layers Paste with Layers Select-All per layer


Symbol Libraries Using
Editing in Isolation Mode Global Updates
Using Symbol Tools Setting Options

Envelope Distortion

From Top Object Warp
Mesh Editing
Envelopes Original objects

Transparency (1)

Using Opacity settings

Exporting from Illustrator

Legacy AI and EPS Microsoft Office PDF
Custom PDF Presets Other
Photoshop format with Layers Freehand formats
Pixel formats AutoCAD formats


New Documents

Creating Custom New Document Profiles Creating artboards with Artboard tool
Adjusting size Copying artboards


Custom Views New Windows


Advanced selection options Select menu
Magic Wand tool Saved Selections


Dealing with missing fonts Replacing fonts

Color (3)

Live Color
Using Transparency in Gradients Separation Preview panel


Creating Charts Editing Charts
Group-select for coloring charts

Gradient Mesh

Via menu option Via Mesh tool


Creating blends Via menu
Via tool Editing blends

Warp Tools

Using Warp tools Setting options\

Working with Flash

Symbols Exporting

3D Effects

Extrude Revolve Rotate


Using Creating

Type (3)

Dealing with Legacy Text Upon Opening
Per Text object Importing Word files Multi-Column
Text Wrap
Area Type Options

Image Trace

Applying Modifying settings Saving presets
Converting to Live Paint

Transparency (2)

Using Blending modes Using an Opacity mask

Cross-Platform Issues

Previews (EPS)


Actions Creating Batching
Scripts Variables

Advanced Output

Setting Color Management Color Separation setup
Proof Setup
Setting Line Screen
Setting Crop/Registration marks Overprint Preview
Transparency Issues Transparency “rules” Transparency Flattener Settings Flattener Preview palette
Web Graphics