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Structured Editing in FrameMaker

Attendence in our Intro and Advanced Non-Structured FrameMaker classes, or equalivant knowledge, is required before attending the Structured FrameMaker class. Students in open-enrollment classes wishing to by-pass our Intro and Advanced Frame classes, and go directly into Structured Frame may be required to sign a waiver.

This class discusses the usage and general coding of DTDs and EDDs, it does not go into detail as to their creation.

Working with Existing Structured Documents

  1. About Structured Authoring
  2. Why FrameMaker for Structured Authoring
  3. Structured Features
  4. Setting up for Structured Documents
  5. Working with the Structure window
  6. Working with the Element Catalog
  7. Structured FrameMaker Terms

Editing Structure

  1. Manipulating Elements
  2. Inserting elements and adding text
    1. Automatically inserting of children elements
  3. Importing a Structured Flow
    1. Correcting invalid elements
  4. Working with Elements
    1. Moving Elements
    2. Wrapping and Unwrapping Elements
    3. Merging and Splitting Elements


  1. Working with Attributes
    1. Changing attribute display
    2. Choosing attribute values
  2. Inserting New Elements and Attributes
  3. Recognizing and Correcting Attributes with Errors


  1. Validating a Document’s Structure
  2. Special Cases for Elements and Attributes

Advanced Structure

  1. Element Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Inserting elements
  3. Unstructured document conversion with preexisting Conversion Table
  4. Converting from Structured FrameMaker to XML
  5. Working with XML files directly in FrameMaker
    1. Local Formatting limitations

Anchored Frames

  1. Working with Anchored Frames in a Structured Document
  2. Adding Captions

Working with Cross References, System Variables and Footnotes

  1. Using cross-references in a structured document
  2. Using system variables in a structured document
  3. Using footnotes in a structured document

Working with Tables

  1. Working with tables in a structured document
  2. Basic table structure
  3. Adding elements and text to table cells
  4. Inserting table footnotes

Structured Templates

  1. Creating Structured Documents
  2. Extracting EDD from document
    1. EDD review

Structured Books

  1. Marking Text for an Index
  2. Working with Tables of Contents and Indexes in a Structured Book
  3. Finalizing Book Structure

Output: XML

  1. Converting FrameMaker Files to XML